5 things to know about Mehdi Satoth

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Algerian-French ” Mehdi Satoth ” is one of the veteran fighters in the ONE Super Series ( Muay Thai /Kickboxing) series, and now he is set to become the first contender for the ONE Kickboxing World Championship. The current bantamweight title, Captain Petchyindee Academy, will be playing at ONE: REVOLUTION that will be broadcast live on Friday, September 24, 2021.

Before Mehdi will compete as the first challenger for the throne. of the captain in this battle. We will get to know the source of the 37-year-old veteran fighter who is in the 5 to make you know him better

1. Fighter season

Mehdi Satoth is an experience fighter with more than 100 bouts in Muay Thai and kickboxing, including ISKA and WBC World Championships, and has also faced many top-class Thai boxers. Whether it’s Nong-O, Saket Dao, Tedukthong, Saenchai, etc.

2. Love Muay Thai in line

Mehdi first practiced Muay Thai when he was 10 years old and fell in love with Muay Thai so much. That he decided to come to Thailand and learn Muay Thai. While still studying and working He takes his free time from school and work to practice boxing regularly. They also invested more than 50 trips to and from Thailand to learn Muay Thai and compete in various programs continuously.

3. Leave everything to follow your heart

In France, Mehdi had a sanitary ware business that he had to take care of his family. But he still felt that something was missing. Instead, he decided to sell all his possessions to open a shop selling his favorite Muay Thai equipment instead. He was later contacted by the camp’s Namco Pattaya to work as a boxing trainer who’s life changed suddenly Mehdi

4. Teachers Camp merger partner

Mehdi decided to settle down in Thailand where he worked as a Muay Thai instructor. While also working as a partner at Venam Camp. With many Thai and foreign students studying with him. Including his favorite apprentice “Alaverdi Ramazanov”, a former ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Champion who was snatched by the Captain. The belt went on January 22nd.

5. Final goal

Despite turning to devotion to being a boxing teacher But firefighters remain in Mehdi’s mind at all times. He has returned to ONE Championship as a fighter since 2018, accumulating a 2-2 loss record and is still determined to hunt for the world championship belt from the ring. oNE after the other lines have been dominating the world stage

Mehdi announced the release said. If he can snatch the belt from the captain, he plans to end his 20-year fighter role with dignity.

Watch the battle between “Mehdi vs Captain” ONE: REVOLUTION via the ONE Super App mobile app, YouTube ONE Championship, AIS Play (only for AIS customers) at 5:30 p.m. and Thairath TV Channel 32 (receive live signals. at 9:30 p.m.)