Villa Silver even offered Tarkowski a double wage

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Aston Villa are keen on James Tarkowski to add to their defensive line. Ready to pay wages for players to double because of fear of Everton snatching him to join the ufabet team. Villa Silver even offered Tarkowski a double wage

Tarkowski is gaining interest from several Premier League clubs. Because the contract with the agency Burnley expires at the end of this season. While the performance of the Clarets was relegated to the Championship next season is complete. According to the Daily Mail, Aston Villa and Everton are the two main contenders for Tarkovsky’s signature, in talks with representatives of the players, Steven Gerrard’s team will pay a fee. Twice as tired as he was at Burnley, from £60,000-a-week to £120,000-a-week.

Head coach Frank Lampard’s Everton side struggled to escape relegation against Burnley and Leeds until the final corner. I wish to grab the Tarkovsky to strengthen the defense. But it seems that the wages offered are inferior to competitors. Because the figure is £90,000 a week.

In addition to Aston Villa and Everton, who compete for Tarkowski, there will also be new Premier League rookie Fulham next season. Owner of the Championship Championship last season. It is another team that is interest in the 29-year-old defender.